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Filter bag material-PTFE

Views: 16209/29/2020  

The PTFE filter bag is a filter bag made of a unique material. It can withstand acid and alkali corrosion in the entire PH value range at a continuous operating temperature of 240°C and an instantaneous temperature of 260°C. The PTFE filter bag has excellent self-lubricity, does not absorb moisture, and can withstand ultraviolet radiation. However, the wear resistance of the PTFE  filter material is general, so there are strict requirements for the filter bag frame. PTFE filter bags are more suitable for harsh conditions requiring corrosion resistance and high requirements for filter material service life.



PTFE FILTER bags can be used for flue gas treatment in coal-fired boilers, garbage incineration, carbon black production, titanium dioxide (TiO2) production and other processes. In the primary smelting, refining and chemical production of some metals, PTFE filter There are also applications for bags.


Features of PTFE filter bag:


The surface of the film is smooth and chemically resistant, and it is laminated to the surface of the ordinary filter material to act as a disposable dust layer, trapping all the dust on the surface of the film to achieve surface filtration. It has the unparalleled superiority of traditional filter materials.


It has the characteristics of high peel strength, large air permeability, low resistance, and uniform pore size distribution.


Installed in the dust removal equipment, it will quickly and effectively intercept the ultrafine dust calculated in microns. The dust removal efficiency of the PTFE filter bag is more than 99.99%. It is an effective and economical new type of filter material in industrial dust filtration and material recovery. .


The obvious difference from other pure high-performance fiber (PPS, glass fiber, P84, aramid) filter media is: as time goes by, PTFE will not age, accompanied by the joint action of high temperature gas, corrosive gas, and liquid. The breaking strength of the PTFE base fabric will not be attenuated, and the service life will be greatly improved.



Application of PTFE filter bag:


Chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, chlor-alkali, acid production, phosphate fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, chemical fiber, dyeing, coking, gas, organic synthesis, non-ferrous smelting, steel, atomic energy and high-purity product production (such as ion-exchange membrane electrolysis), viscous materials Transportation and operation, food and beverage processing and production departments with strict hygiene requirements.

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