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Changzhou university and Wayon- Signing & opening ceremony

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Changzhou university and Changzhou Wayon "co-construction of engineering technology research center and industry-university-research cooperation"

 signing & opening ceremony

We will strengthen cooperation between schools and enterprises to enhance their innovation capabilities

Changzhou university and Changzhou Wayon Mstar Technology Co., LTD. Signing & opening ceremony

    Flowers bloom in March. On the morning of April 10, 2020, Changzhou university and Wayon "co-construction engineering technology research center and industry-university-research cooperation" signing and unveiling ceremony was held in the big conference room on the first floor of Changzhou Wayon Mstar Technology Co., LTD. This is an important activity in technology research and development since the establishment of Wayon. It is also a major measure to strengthen the company's scientific and technological innovation and enhance the core competitiveness of products. It is of great significance to promote the leapfrog development of Wayon.

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    The ceremony was presided over by Pan Zhenping, assistant general manager of Wayon.  At 9:30 am, the host announced the start of the ceremony and introduced the leaders and guests.Mr. Wang guofang, general manager, will give the welcome speech first.

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    In welcome, mr.wong first introduced to the field of the leaders and guests all let the development of science and technology, the main products, and the performance of the company since its establishment by and technology research and development, and to share the company's future development goals and direction, especially the highlight in the next 3 to 5 years, all for science and technology on the innovation of new products, new technology research and development to increase investment, to create the company's products, in the industry, the production technology, equipment, technology, product quality, use effect and cost price form more clearly, more unique advantage, to be truly "man without I have, people have me fine".Changzhou Wayon attaches great importance to the degree of scientific and technological innovation, let us see the hope that Wayon can achieve leapfrog development.

    The leaders of Changzhou University attached great importance to this activity. The leaders who attended the ceremony included director Peng mingguo and deputy director Wang jinli from the department of industry-university-research cooperation of Changzhou University, and a high-performance polymer material research team led by professor Tao guoliang, a well-known material application expert from the school of materials of Changzhou university.

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    At the ceremony, director Peng mingguo introduced the development history, research strength, research level and research achievements of Changzhou university in detail to the leaders and guests attending the event. At the same time, in Peng director also said that in addition to the "joint construction of engineering technology research and development center and the cooperation between industry, university and research" with Wayon, but also to further develop a more in-depth and more comprehensive all-round cooperation. This makes us firmly believe that the "school-enterprise cooperation" with Changzhou university will be a complete success and create a more solid scientific research foundation for the leapfrog development of Wayon.

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    During the ceremony, the general manager Mr Guo-fang Wang and Peng Mingguo director representing thousands of capacitors and changzhou university of science and technology, signed a cooperation agreement, and to "changzhou university production base", but also got the leaders at all levels and expert testimony, it marks than let the formal start of "industry-university-institute" cooperation and changzhou university of science and technology, also marks than let the innovative research and development of science and technology is about to enter a new journey!


    Subsequently, professor tao guoliang introduced the research direction and research results of the research team in the high-performance polymer materials, and also made a detailed introduction to the work focus and planning of the cooperation with wanrong science and technology.Professor tao's research team has a very professional and in-depth research on the high performance of polymer materials, especially in the industrial application of polymer materials closer to the needs of our enterprise.We believe that with the help of professor tao's research team, Wayon will achieve remarkable results in its technological innovation and product innovation.

    Capacity of the university of science and technology and changzhou production-teaching-research combination, tan area has been the great attention of leaders at all levels, district technology bureau and xue port town people's government appointed deputy director in charge of Mr Xiao-ping ni and town Mr Lv Jinping, chairman of the National People's Congress, deputy mayor in charge of Mr Yang Xiaobao, director of the economic and trade office in the town of Mr Zheng Bin assistant town of science and technology, Mr Geoff attended the signing ceremony.


    At the ceremony, the district technology bureau deputy director Ni, let Wayon and changzhou university congratulate the success of the signing, and in his speech are introduced about the enterprise technology innovation, the cooperation between colleges and other aspects of policy support and resources to assist, but also for all capacity in the future of science and technology of product innovation, technology innovation, puts forward a new hope.

    Than let science and technology since settled in xue port town industrial park in 2014, whether in the policy, or other aspects, district party committee government, district technology bureau, xue port town always give full support and help, to enterprises of the nasty, solution of the difficult, really let the development of science and technology provides the omni-directional, nanny care and service.

    University-enterprise cooperation and the completion of production base, is to promote enterprise technology research and development capabilities and to speed up the pace of enterprise high-skilled personnel training an effective way, we will be signing the preparation for the new opportunity, under the guidance of professor mr.wong and tao, thousands in order to let the technology research and development and cultivation of talents of science and technology, all staff will be hard, struggle, innovation, hard work.

    After the signing ceremony, the leaders and guests, accompanied by general manager Wang guofang and production technology supervisor Du zhengjiang, visited Wayon’s factory, PTFE filament fiber production workshop, PTFE staple fiber production workshop, PTFE scrim production workshop, PTFE needle felt production workshop and PTFE filter bag production workshop.


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    "Pear light white willow deep green, willow fly flowers when the city."In this season of spring and the recovery of all things, we wish the cooperation between changzhou university and wanrong science and technology a complete success!

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