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Changzhou Wayon and customers tide over the Epidemic

Views: 15604/03/2020  

Epidemic situation -- changzhou Wayon and customers hand in hand to tide over the difficulties

    As China's three-month war against the disease draws to a close, the smokeless war has begun around the world. However, the outbreak did not block the connection between changzhou Wayon and customers, but narrowed the distance between Changzhou Wayon and customers.


    In late March 2020, covid-19 began to wreaking havoc in many countries around the world, and by early April, the number of infected people worldwide had reached one million.Influenced by COVID-19, the trade between countries has been greatly affected. 


    Changzhou Wayon PTFE series products: PTFE filament fiber, PTFE staple fiber, PTFE scrim, PTFE needled felt, PTFE filter bag, etc., in the overseas European market, quality and price have been recognized by customers.

    In late march, communications with a European customer who had been working with him for several years revealed that the situation in Europe was not optimistic either.Face masks, disinfectants and other epidemic prevention supplies are scarce, unable to meet the daily consumption needs.Changzhou Wayon in the understanding of the customer's real specific situation, the first time to arrange personnel to purchase 1000 medical care masks, contact international express, the packed masks will be transported by air, timely gift to European customers.


    At present, COVID-19 is the common enemy of mankind. Only by helping each other can we tide over the difficulties better and faster.After changzhou Wayon returned to work, in an orderly arrangement of orders at home and abroad, at the same time, every day to seriously disinfect the factory floor, the health of the production staff for testing, to ensure that the products produced are not contaminated with virus.

     If you need help, or you need our PTFE products, Changzhou Wayon is ready to meet you!

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