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Procedure and method for replacing dust filter bag--Changzhou Wayon

Views: 17203/27/2020  


Procedure and method for replacing bag of pulse dust filter bag

                                                                                                                         --Changzhou Wayon


To orderly change the filter bag, the following installation methods are for reference.


First, the preparatory work for changing the bag

1. Check and confirm that the electrical appliances of the dust collector can be turned off normally.

2. Check the dust bag for damage and make spare parts.

3.Check the pulse valve and diaphragm for damage and make spare parts.

4.Check the sealing and thermal insulation of the dust collector and prepare for repairing spare parts.

5.Check the damage of the bag cage, whether it needs to be replaced, and make spare parts.


Second, replace the filter bag (when removed)

1. Turn off the power of the dust removal equipment and the fan, and set the prohibition of closing.

2. Turn off the compressed air source of the dust removal equipment, and set the air supply prohibition sign.

3. Open the ash discharge valve and clear the ash deposit in the ash bin.

4. First open the cover of the box, check whether it is deformed, whether the sealing strip is aging, and deal with it immediately if there is any problem.

5. Mark the spray pipe first to avoid the trouble of uneven installation time. Then remove the blowing pipe and check the surface of the blowing pipe for damage; If the blowpipe is severely damaged, it must be replaced and the dust on the blowpipe must be removed, including the inside of the blowpipe.

6. Withdraw the bag cage and deform it; rust; discard the desoldered bag cage and prepare a new bag cage. Clean the bag cages that can be used again and put them in a safe place.

7. Draw out the filter bag, discard the damaged filter bag, and collect the filter bags that can be used together and prepare to install again. Send the location of the damaged bag, the damage degree record and a broken bag to the manufacturer for analysis.

8. Clean up dust and oxides above the flower plate, including ash deposits above and below the flower plate mouth. It should be cleaned thoroughly, especially the dust deposit near the poppet valve. Prepare for a new filter bag.


Third. Replace the filter bag (when installing)

1. According to different material filter bags, different installation methods are used, such as PTFE filter bags; film-covered filter bags; flumes, etc. are afraid of scratching; abrasion; and bags of folding are to be installed with smooth introduction devices at the opening of the flower plate. Such as smooth thick plastic or cardboard. Put it on the top of the flower plate to make a funnel shape, slide the filter bag into the flower plate, and remove the introduction device, so that the groove on the elastic expansion ring of the bag is stuck on the flower plate, and it is confirmed that it does not shake. When there is a gap, you can tap the inside of the bag's mouth with a smooth cylinder to make it close together. Other filter bags can be installed directly, but cannot be worn with hard objects. When installing the bag near the air inlet baffle, pay attention not to put the bag into the air inlet baffle. You can observe the arrangement of the bag at the ash discharge door. If you find it inside, immediately take it out and reinstall it.

2. When loading the bag cage, the bag cage should be slowly and vertically inserted into the cloth bag, and check whether there are burrs on the bag cage; desoldering; oil stains; deformed, if there is a need to replace it in time, so obviously on the problematic bag cage Mark to avoid re-use. The groove on the bag cage should cover the bag opening inside, and it should not be pressed on the crossing. This will damage the bag opening and cause the bag to fall off.

3.When installing the blowing pipe, first pour out the dust in the pipe, install the O-ring, and install it. Adjust the center of the spray nozzle to be vertical so that it is in the center of the flower mouth. After adjusting, tighten the red wire. Incorrect installation will damage the cloth bag in advance.

4.Check whether any bags are falling off from the observation port of the ash discharge valve

5.Attach the cleaned cover to the seal, check whether there are any tools left in the box, and confirm that it is safe to cover it as it is. Insert the bolt or tighten the reed.

6. Replace other damaged parts, such as pulse valve; diaphragm; solenoid valve; switch and so on.


Four. After replacement

1. Check the number of people and leave the unsafe area.

2. Send compressed air and check for leaks. Power and brake, check the circuit for failure.

3.Confirm that there are no problems, and wait for power on. After the temperature meets the conditions, turn on the fan and run the dust collector.

It should be noted that in the initial period of operation of the dust collector after the bag is replaced, the chimney will emit smoke for a short time, which is about 24 hours, which is normal.


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