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Changzhou Wayon --An Update on the Resumption of Work in Changzhou

Views: 12503/13/2020  


Changzhou Wayon Mstar Technology Co.,Ltd--An Update on the Resumption of Work in Changzhou


    Changzhou Wayon Mstar Technology Co.,Ltd since the 2020.2.18 resumption of work, the factory has been in full load processing state, the flow of orders.


    Due to the out break of pneumonia in the country in 2020,Changzhou Wayon Mstar Technology Co.,Ltd postponed the start date of 2020.2.1 to 2020.2.18 . As soon as the factory started, domestic order came in an endless stream, PTFE filament fiber, PTFE scrim, PTFE needel felt and so on became hot products.


    The PTFE scrim, PTFE needled felt and PTFE filter bag products produced by Changzhou Wayon Mstar Technology Co.,Ltd are all made of 100% pure PTFE. PTFE raw materials go through a series of processing procedures to produce PTFE filament fiber and PTFE staple fiber. PTFE scrim is made of PTFE filament fiber, and PTFE scrim can be designed with different warp and weft strength to meet the different strength requirements of various filter materials.The needle felts produced by Changzhou Wayon can be divided into 100% PTFE needle felts and composite needle felts, which are mainly used to make PTFE filter bags with different working conditions and filtration accuracy requirements. The filter bags are mainly used for waste incineration, iron and steel metallurgy, thermal power generation, chemical dust removal and other harsh working conditions.


    Changzhou Wayon Mstar Technology Co.,Ltd is widely welcomed in the domestic market by high product quality, reasonable price and good service. We produce PTFE filament fiber with minimum specification of 250D and maximum specification of 800D. We can produce different specifications according to customers' requirements. We also provide customized services for PTFE scrim, PTFE needled felt, PTFE filter bag and other products.To meet the needs of customers, Changzhou Wayon has been pursuing the goal.


    Dust purification, committed to enviromental protection,Changzhou Wayon look forward to cooperating with you!


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