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Changzhou Wayon Mstar Technology Co.,Ltd --Resume Work Report

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Changzhou Wayon Mstar Technology Co.,Ltd --Resume Work Report


        On February 18, 2020, on the 25th day of the 1st lunar month, Changzhou Wayon Mstar Technology Co.,Ltd officially resumed work


During the Spring Festival, the alarm of the outbreak of new coronavirus infection with pneumonia was raised throughout the country. Changzhou wayon actively cooperated with the superior leaders and took the prevention and control of the epidemic as the primary task. Combining with relevant documents on the prevention and control of the epidemic in changzhou, the epidemic prevention and control work plan and emergency plan were formulated, and a number of measures were taken to strengthen prevention.

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    1.Check the employees in place, know the whereabouts of each employee in the past 14 days, notify the employees from other places to stay at home for 14 days for isolation observation, and return to the company after the expiration of the period without any problem.

    2. Formulate ventilation, disinfection and sanitation management measures for public places, and conduct disinfection prevention twice a day for PTFE filament fiber production workshop, PTFE staple fiber production workshop, PTFE scrim production workshop, PTFE needle felt workshop, PTFE filter bag production workshop, office area, canteen, toilet and elevator in the factory.

    3. Set up gate guard checkpoints, require the personnel to wear masks, check the temperature one by one, and make temperature registration.

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    By February 20, changzhou wayon recovery rate reached 95 percent, no confirmed, suspected and isolated personnel.The rate of purchasing personnel is 100%. After returning to work, the purchasing personnel shall actively contact the raw material suppliers to ensure the timely supply of raw materials to meet the production demand.Production workshop staff attendance rate of 95%. As soon as the production staff is on duty, PTFE filament fiber production workshop, PTFE staple fiber production workshop, PTFE filter bag production workshop and other five production workshops will be put into production immediately to meet the orders of domestic customers and European customers, increase productivity and ensure certain inventory.


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         Even if the current epidemic, we have never stopped the pace of progress, timely and domestic and foreign customers to communicate, wholeheartedly for customers to solve the problem, changzhou wanrong has been in action.


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