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The 18th Shanghai International Nonwovens Exhibition hold successfully

Views: 12612/13/2019  


    11th December, 2019, Chairman wang of changzhou wayong new material technology co., ltd. visited the 18th Shanghai international non-woven materials exhibition with several employees.


    Shanghai international nonwovens exhibition (SINCE) is a professional exhibition focusing on nonwovens and technologies organized by China technology marketing association (CTMA), China association of technology marketing (CNTA), Shanghai CNTA technology CO., LTD and Informa Markets.The exhibition has been held since 1986.Non-manufacturing materials raw materials, non-woven materials production equipment, auxiliary equipment, non-woven materials and subsequent processing products are exhibited in the exhibition.



    In the exhibition, chairman wang talked with the industry to learn more advanced production equipment and cutting-edge industry information.The application fields of the company's products were discussed with peers.One of the main products of the company is PTFE filter bag, which is not only used in waste incineration but also in iron and steel metallurgy. It has a long service life and high use value in the cement industry and chemical industry with harsh working conditions.This is not only due to the high temperature resistance of PTFE material, strong acid and alkali resistance, stable chemical properties, the factory's mature production process and rigorous sewing technology, but also the reason for our company's excellent PTFE filter bag quality.PTFE filament fiber, PTFE staple fiber, PTFE scrim, PTFE needled felt and other products produced by the company are well received by customers at home and abroad because of their superior quality.


    “Harmony with everything and co-exist with heaven and earth”Wayon sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!


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