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"Sunshine trip, happy trip" – 2019, the annual trip of Wayon technology employees- Zhejiang Fuyang autumn tour

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"Sunshine trip, happy trip"

With the slight rise of autumn wind and fragrance of fragrance, Wayon technology welcomes the annual journey of 2019 employees!

 -- Zhejiang Fuyang autumn tour


    With the early morning light, all the staff are ready to embark on a two-day and one-night journey to experience the beautiful scenery of Fuchun taoyuan under the pen of huang gongwang, the painter of the Yuan dynasty, and witness the historical changes of Longmen ancient town, the hometown of Sun quan, emperor Dongwu of The Three Kingdoms!

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    After the head, in more than three hour drive, in warm meaning thick carriage, is undergoing the joyful recreation activities, staff began to sing, which are a shy kid sister, ambition of elder sister, a handsome brother, and young and lovely children, with their unique wonderful song sing happy travel, to the life of infinite love! Life and work hard, at the moment all put aside, with a happy mood to enjoy the next trip!


    Reach the first stop - the village of Dipu

    In sang all the way, we arrived in the first leg of the trip - national Pu, an ancient village, the village has a long history, dating back 900 years, employees with great interest the walk, visit the well-preserved Ming and Qing dynasties ancient buildings, Shi Fang, temple, ancestral hall, folk houses, etc., the new and old building harmonious crisscross, feeling the ancient village about one thousand Xiaoyi, ancient drama, papermaking and ancient characteristic culture, ancient tree forest, interval booth; Pebble paved road, flagstone into the road of the village style is not a kind, staff walking to see, with groups, chat and laugh, comfortable and leisure!

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    End of the ancient village, roaming in the morning, at noon, eat after lunch, we went to the beautiful scenery of Fuchuan Taoyuan, first visit is known as the "Asia the first big hole hall" blue cloud nine hole, hole with magic beautiful stone of 23 group, god strange flower, have Huang guoshu waterfall, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, a Thai elephant, etc., constitute a strange cave wonders, employees, all the way along the way are a wonderful, looking at the top of the head around tens of millions of years of natural formation of stalactites column, exclamation nature extremely skillful, photographed in succession; On the way, through a narrow stone crack, can only accommodate a person side through, through and through the time, the heart is both frightened and afraid, uneasy, afraid to be stuck in a corner to be unable to move; Along the tunnel to view the progress of the tunnel, although wet and cold, but also can‘t resist the staff to explore the curious enthusiasm!

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    At night, all the members of the bamboo raft wandering in the river, the lake is clear, blue waves, the lake twists and turns, water mountain dependent, mountain ring water embrace; The small island inside the lake is exquisite, harbor inlet is deep, gorge, valley, beach form is many; Surrounded by green hills, verdant trees, clear ling vitality. Lake scenery, rural countryside, dynamic and static combination, each other! It’s really "the world beautiful landscape, ancient and modern push Fuchun".Play fatigue dissipation in this piece of good mountains and water scenery.

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    After a good night's sleep and a fine breakfast on the second day, qi qi set out for the hometown of Sun quan -- Longmen ancient town, which is located at the foot of Longmen mountain of Fuchun river. The town is famous for its unique ancient buildings of Ming and Qing dynasties. Shops on both sides of simple, staff shuttle in every corner, eating delicious specialty gluten meat, products to buy carefully crafted wine, nibbling white tender steamed bread! See the ancient stone mill placed in the hall, individual curious staff could not help but start to push and pull up, really let a person can’t help laughing!



    Picturesque scenery, integrated into one, the town to find a perfect delicate, difficult to find a good view, the organization of staff gathered to a group photo!


Remember history and cherish peace

    Journey of blast in, also ushered in the end, the last stop to lead all staff to visit the victory of war of resistance against Japanese aggression, Zhejiang surrender memorial pavilion solemn, detailed records the history of the Zhejiang region during the Anti-Japanese War, through the text, old photos, video, true feeling the forefathers sacrificed their precious resist enemy great sacrifice, the tenacity of the Chinese people, in the long river of history is always perseverance, standing in the world of the east, with a strong attitude on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding, let the employees to accept a real patriotism education, remember history, cherish peace and in peace, We should be more conscientious, carry forward the spirit of bearing hardships and standing hard work, do not forget the original intention, diligence and persistence, love life, happiness is always struggle out!


    Two days one night staff annual journey so far, travel is not so short but colorful, fun, in the busy work, let staff to relax to adjust body and mind, feel the enterprise humanistic care, enjoy the enterprise developing continuously improve welfare, strengthen team cohesion, than let science and technology since the beginning of establishment of enterprise development conception to adhere to the people-oriented, to make every employee with the enterprise development, can enjoy more of the results and benefits, combined with the enterprise, personal development and enterprise development closely, create a better tomorrow!


    Wayon science and technology, will continue to strive for a steady and rapid development, stick to industry market pulse, carries forward the diligence, sincerity, development, stick to the enterprise culture, make enterprise of high efficiency, strong execution team, at the same time, also sincerely look forward to more talented people to join us, and seek common development! Create the brilliancy together!



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