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Wayon new material held the theme of "spring outing fellowship, cohesion, collaboration and sharing" group development activities,in Shangruan Jingdong agricultural ecological park

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    April 4, 2019 Changzhou Wayon Mstar Technology Company., Ltd. Organized a spring league construction and expansion activity with the theme of "spring outing fellowship, cohesion, cooperation and sharing", as a new material company producing PTFE filament fibers and PTFE staple fibers, we have more than 100 employees, a motorcade composed of more than 20 vehicles of the company carried all employees to the development base--Shangruan Jingdong agricultural ecological park in an orderly manner, which officially opened the prelude of this outdoor development activity.



    Arrive at the scenic Shangruan ecological park at 8 am, all the staff dressed in uniform, holding a flag in the square assembled in line, Wang guofang, general manager of the company, was invited to speak, clarified the meaning and purpose of the league building activities, emphasizing the participation of the company's activities, organizational and discipline, it is expected that every employee can realize the necessity of team building in the activity, carry forward the spirit of teamwork, help each other, make concerted efforts and strive to be the pioneer! At the same time announced that 2019 Wayon spring league construction expansion activities officially began!


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    In the spirit of friendship first, competition second, eliminate barriers, improve the team to assist the purpose, in the morning, four development projects were carried out, including "carrying the ball", "when the time comes", "crossing the river by feeling for stones" and "giant's uncle", before the beginning of the project, a random lottery was conducted, and all the employees were divided into 8 groups, breaking the inherent departments and personnel organizations. After the grouping, the team members were a little shy when facing unfamiliar teammates from different departments and workshops.

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    Then, each team elected a captain and within the specified time design, determine the team name and slogan, personally written on their team flags, various team names emerge, there are wolves, flying tigers, flying eagles team, and a rival team name to destroy wolves, destroy tigers, crushing momentum full! Everyone held up team flags and shouted slogans! When eight bright red team flags fluttering in the wind, the morale of the whole team was also inspired, vowed to go all out, a fight to win the game!


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    After the relaxing warm-up game, the expansion project started. In each project, the employees actively participated in it, worked together to find the skills and shouted the rhythm, and coordinated the division of labor among the team members, with tacit cooperation, to complete one challenge after another! Even mistakes do not speaking out of turn to give up, start again, after falling up to fight again, regardless of winning or losing, adhere to the end point, victory is not arrogant or depressed, in each PK, the players with the enthusiasm to participate in, put aside scruples, bold fight; In each cooperation project, in order to achieve the goal, work together, feel the fun of sports in the game, the pleasure of cooperation, everyone's smile is more and more brilliant, the relationship between each other is also gradually integrated in the game, become more and more close!

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    After several rounds of fierce competition, the champion team of each project followed, by the company general manager Wong himself for winning team award honorary certificate and photograph taken, it is an honor belongs to the whole team, with the joint efforts of each team member and get, believe in the future work and life, they will continue to carry forward the team spirit, help each other crown, struggle together, a total advance and retreat!

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    After lunch, the whole team drove to the next destination: Jiangnan headquarters memorial hall of the new fourth army and visited the red revolutionary education base. In the course of the visit, the staff follow closely and listen to the narrator introduced how the revolutionary martyrs in the harsh conditions of hardship and hardship, to achieve strict discipline, unity against the various deeds of the enemy, understand the history, understand the great man, people respect! All employees with gratitude and reverence to the revolutionary martyrs with a deep bow, memory of the martyrs!

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    From the memorial hall after the visit, the team along the known as "the most beautiful country roads" in Jiangsu province, Liyang is a highway go on spring outing, to admire the view along the road winding and chic, tea mountain stretching, the lush, flower field, in the "love of routine" look at the pairs of lovers make good wishes, in "days" to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the spring, picking the natural wild vegetables, delight!


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    In laughter all the way home, back to the rippling lake, green grass shade, everybody sits in a circle, eating barbecue chatting work life, relationships between each other, close distance, it started late, our grand at the invitation of the company general manager Wang guofang personally lit a bonfire, flames lit up the sky, is a symbol of Changzhou million new material increasingly prosperous, the future of the enterprise more brilliant light! The campfire ignited the atmosphere, so that every employee on the scene excited, feeling extremely, everyone hand in hand around the campfire singing and dancing!


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    With the burning bonfire raging, in a lively jubilation, Changzhou Wayon Mstar Technology Company., Ltd. Spring 2019 youth league construction and expansion activity also came to a perfect end. Through the organization and development of this activity, employees can fully realize the importance of corporate culture and the necessity of teamwork, and enhance the collective sense of honor and the sense of cooperation of all employees. The enterprise and employees are an integral whole, and the enterprise provides employees with development platform and opportunity to realize personal value. And enterprises also need every employee for enterprise services, contribution and wisdom, create benefits for the enterprise and value, both are an organic whole, in the "diligence, sincerity, development, stick to" enterprise culture, efforts to build a team cohesion, executive force is strong to survive in an increasingly competitive environment, the growing. In the future, the enterprise will continue to innovating forms, create conditions, help employees to improve themselves, get a sense of value, and will work together with every employee to strive for the bright future of the enterprise!


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