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Warmly celebrate the success of our company's participation in the Koln exhibition in Germany

Views: 18910/25/2019  

Warmly celebrate Changzhou Wayon Mstar Technology Company., Ltd. participation in the 26th international filter and analysis technology and equipment industry exhibition in Koln, Germany in 2019, achieve complete success.

October 22-24, 2019, German Koln international filtration and separation technology equipment industry exhibition was held, Changzhou Wayon chairman and foreign trade sales manager attended the three-day exhibition as scheduled. The exhibition has 14,000 professional visitors from 73 countries, the huge exhibition scale reflects the future development trend of this industry.


The exhibition focused on the company's main products : PTFE staple fiber、PTFE filament fiber、PTFE scrim、PTFE needle felt、PTFE filter bags and other products, all PTFE products are made of 100% pure PTFE, non-toxic, at the same time the production of advanced equipment, product quality is stable.



In the exhibition, the company exhibitors and visitors have a positive and enthusiastic communication, specific introduction of the company's product features and product advantages, aroused the interest of the visitors, the PTFE staple fibers and PTFE filament fibers are on display, which have attracted the attention of most visitors due to their excellent quality and favorable price.


There was a lot to gain from the three-day event, and many customers have reached cooperation agreements or cooperation intention at the same time, also understand PTFE material more extensive application market and industry development, also for the company's future development to bring new opportunities. Harmony with everything and co-exist with heaven and earth! Changzhou Wayon will be for the environmental protection of the new realm, unremitting efforts.

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