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Flower Blooming and Fragrance Waft Attracts the Guests from All over the World —— Narration of the Current Brisk Situation of Changzhou Wayon Mstar Technology Co., Ltd.

Views: 9102/05/2018  


    Changzhou Wayon Mstar Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014 and completed and put into production in August 2015. Then in 2016, the fruitful results were harvested, and the proud achievement of marketing RMB 53 million was created. Since entering the year 2017, the company's development is on the upgrade. Until the third quarter, the sales volume has been close to RMB 60 million. And Wayon is also exploring overseas market, which is expected to achieve a breakthrough in foreign trade business this year.


    As the second project started on schedule, the company's operation would be all over the world. The vigorous development of Wayon has also attracted the attention of all circles of society, such as the leadership of the government, banking system, investment institutions, colleges, overseas customers, even listed companies. At present, Jintan district government and Xue Bu town government have promised to strongly support the development of Wayon on policies, funds and taxes, to ensure that Wayon can go further and steadily on the way of development. Several PE investment institutions have expressed great interest in Wayon's PTFE projects. Some institutions have set up the project, and the details of the cooperation need to be further approached. The R&D institutions of colleges also come to our company to make research to seek cooperation in the further R&D of products. There are also listed companies that have extended the olive branch, which does not exclude the possibility of further cooperation.The products also win a good reputation for its excellent quality and competitive price. Customers everywhere, even overseas customers, are competing to place the orders, so the products are in short supply.

    The mayor of Jintan district Mr. Wang Bin, who is in charge of science and technology, led a group of science and technology leaders in the whole region to make research in Wayon and asked questions about Wayon's product development, capital operation, market and so on. He also said he would strongly support Wayon’s development.

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    Mr. Lu Lijun, the Secretary of the Party committee of Xue Bu town, took all the presidents of banks in Jintan district to Wayon. The government took the lead in strengthening the cooperation between banks and enterprises. After visiting the site, all the presidents of banks immediately indicated that the development of Wayon must be guaranteed in terms of funds.

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    The dean of Changzhou University Mr. Liu Chunlin, led the professional teachers and R&D laboratory personnels to visit Wayon. He exchanged opinions with Wayon’s president Mr. Wang Guofang from a professional point of view, and expressed his willingness to cooperate with Wayon to provide professional technical support for Wayon's further development.

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   Recently many investment institutions, listed companies colleges, and overseas customers have come to visit and audit, and shown great cooperative intentions. (Some have entered the cooperation link.) 


Conclusions: Wayon’s future will be better and better.


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