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Celebration on an Auspicious Day —— Congratulations to Changzhou Wayon Mstar Technology Co., Ltd. for Finishing the Roof of Second Project

Views: 9302/05/2018  


    Since the second project broke ground in August, the construction progress has been moving forward in an orderly way under the efficient construction of the construction company Yao Tang Building Co., Ltd. So the new workshop building finally finished the roof on Dec.7, 2017. The president of Wayon Mr. Wang Guofang and his relatives and friends witnessed this momentous moment together. 

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    At 9:00 am on Dec.7, 2017 , Mr. Wang's relatives and friends sent gifts such as steamed bread, cakes, sweets, cigarettes and so on according to the local customs. The employees and the staff at the site shared the fruits of these wishes.

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    When the auspicious time 9:58 am was coming, fireworks and firecrackers salvoed the sky. Wayon’s site was formed over the sea of happiness. Mr. Wang Guofang and his wife together with the contractor representatives, went to the top floor of the new building and scattered sweets and other things with a good wish. The staff downstairs looted for them in laughing.


    After the celebration, the company representatives handed out cigarettes to the workers at the site, so that all workers could share the happiness.

 (Conclusions): After finishing the roof of second project, the equipments of the related project is also in the preparation. We can foreknow, Wayon’s production capacity will double next year to achieve the company value fully doubled. A new era of Wayon is coming.

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